It was an eventful day for the Centre for Creative Development Strategies (CCDS), present at the American Corner, University of Port Harcourt on Friday 11th of February, 2022 to celebrate the maiden edition of the Digital Revolution series with the aim of empowering Girls to be bold and pursue STEM related fields, especially in their passionate areas. It was also the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, as well as the the opportunity to familiarise the girls on the upcoming Technovation Girls Global challenge. The Digital Revolution series was tagged at empowering Girls to be determined of their really interested and pursue STEM related fields. Over 100 adolescents Girls were in attendance.

Imagine a school where girls were scheduled to take the home economics as a compulsory class whilst the boys were asked to take further mathematics at the same period. In as much as taking home economics is amazing and useful for girls, what stops them from taking further mathematics as well? Who says boys shouldn’t take home economics as well? By this, the girls are raised with belief systems such as mathematics is difficult, Engineering is for boys, I cannot solve complex problems, Science is only for intelligent people, technology is too abstract etc., We limit our girls when we influence their career choices into gendered stereotypes. Girls are intelligent, they can aspire to be great at their chosen field, whether arts or science. They can soar in STEM related fields. Lets not belittle their ability to stretch. Lets teach our girls life balance. They must grow to become a wife, a mother, a home keeper and still excel in their chosen field.

In this all amazing high impact multi stakeholder program with over 100 girls in attendance, they were encouraged to be bold to embrace Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM ) related fields. It was also an opportunity to familiarize the girls with the processes required to participate in the Technovation Girls Global Challenge. The bottom-line is this : Girls Can!

On behalf of Centre for Creative Development Strategies (CCDS), we are grateful to the following partners:

CLICE Foundation

American Corner

Technovation USA

United States Government Exchange Alumni Association of Nigeria, Rivers State

Girls Organization for Leadership and Development Community Resources Development Organization


Digital Marketing Buzz

D’Fragrance of Hope

Global Shapers Community Port Harcourt

And more !!

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