Teens Talk Time

Nigeria has struggled over the past years battling with the problems of youth restiveness and the teeming consequences it has brought to our nation.

It is a known fact that though the situations are being managed to a reasonable extent, there is still a high probability that the problems may continue to the next generation if proper attention is not given to the generation that will replace today’s youth, that is the teens from 13-19 years.

The teenage years are the core formative years of a youth as they are the 7 anchor years of destiny. This is the age when most young people leave home for the first time for secondary and tertiary education. Therefore, they suddenly see themselves exposed to a kind of freedom from parents and guardians.

In view of this, The Centre for Creative Development Strategies (CCDS) commenced action since 2009 to build positive values in the lives of youths. In 2012 the fight to raise a new crop of formidable responsible youths in the near future created the need for CCDS to narrow its action on the teens by teaching, training, coaching and mentoring them to become positive peer pressure, change and transformation agents ‘everywhere they go’.

We have seen the big picture and have uniquely packaged programmes all year round for this target group.

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