RBM & Data Analysis for CSOs.

On June 13, 2022 Centre for Creative Development Strategies (Innovation Centre) hosted Dr. Dotun Jegede, who had been sent by the British Council to coach us on capacity building. Two sessions was centred on: Results-Based Management (RBM) and Data Analytics & Dashboard for CSOs operations.

Results-Based Management (RBM) is a management approach which ensures that there are contributions directly or indirectly to a defined set of results. RBM gives us room for improvements through holistic application during the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of a programme. RBM is targeted at delivering effective, efficient and strategy focusing on performance and achievement of results: inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts. As CSOs, we are therefore advised to use RBM for our programs.

On monitoring and evaluation (M&E), Dr. Jegede explained the two concepts extensively. The differences between M&E is the function they play differently. Monitoring explains the doables (activities), on the other hand, evaluation explains the deliverables (outcomes).

At organizational level, the most critical analysis is called the SWOT analysis which is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is made of two matrix listings: Internal and External. Another one is the PESTLE which stands for Political, Economy, Social, Technology, Legal framework and Environmental factors. While strengths and opportunities are positive, weaknesses and threats are very harmful to our organization.

Our coach walked us through on the SWOT analysis and PESTLE. While SWOT looks at your internal strategy, PESTLE looks at your external strategy.

On data analytics, we focused on drafting a pie chart, bar chart, etc on a simple excel page to create a dashboard. It was indeed a very practical session with him today, and we have started putting our work to proper practice.

This program is proudly funded by the European Union, and implemented by British Council.

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