Forum on Gender and Disability in Resource producing communities in Nigeria

CCDS was represented at a forum on Gender and Disability in Resource producing communities in Nigeria. The meeting held on October 14th at Edge Hotel Port Harcourt. Ford Foundation funded Arden & Newton to produce written and visual documentation on the resilience of women with disabilities in resource-producing communities. Chris Ofolue presented a report on the study of gender discrimination against women in resource producing extractive communities across eight states (Ebonyi, Osun, Kogi, Niger, Ogun, Kogi, Benue, Zamfara) in Nigeria.

The study assessed the link between women with disability and the extractive industry, especially as it relates to their exclusion or inclusion in the operation of these companies in resource-producing committees of Nigeria. The broad objective of this work was to assess gender discrimination among women with disability in selected resource-producing communities in Nigeria to enable the increased integration and creation of opportunities for women with disability in these communities.

The study concludes that the contribution of every woman, therefore, whether disabled or otherwise, is important if any society is to achieve sustainable development. It was recommended that all programming should incorporate a Gender and Social Inclusion lens. Thanks to Encompass, Arden & Newton Ford Foundation and all the participants present at the validation meeting.

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