CCDS Celebrating International Earth’s Day 2022.

CCDS team was among the attendees that attended the workshop organized by Rivers Networks of NGOs (RINNGOS) for Climate Action for Sustainability and Environmental Protection (CASE) Team on 22nd April, 2022 to celebrate the International Earth’s Day at Aldgate Hotel Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The event was attended by ALGON Chairman Rivers State Chapter, who was also the chairman of the occasion, Representative of The Port Harcourt Mayor, Representative of Commissioner for Youth, Women Affairs, and Selected CSOs under the CASE project. The opening remark was given by the chief operating officer of RINNGOS Dr. Mina Ogbanga on the topic: Greening Our Schools for Sustainable Development. Secondly, the delivery lecture on Air Quality Monitoring and device was delivered by a staff of CEHRD on behalf of the guest lecturer who was unavoidably absent. Other special Guests made their inputs and commitments.

Action points taken were agreed on the basis that:

šŸ‘‰Everyone should plant a fruit tree like orange and others as a way to combat soot in our environment and also encourage others to do the same especially students, youths, etc.

šŸ‘‰LGAs should endeavour to install trackers to monitor Air Quality in cities and major town.

šŸ‘‰The manual for Training of Trainers (ToT) should be endorsed and accepted by the state Assembly as a working document for zero soot advocacy.

šŸ‘‰The presentation of soot level in the state should be empirically shown.

šŸ‘‰The government at all levels should provide recycling plant as a way to manage waste instead of burning.

šŸ‘‰ The women affairs has taken the responsibility of training 23 persons from the 23 local govternment.

šŸ‘‰The Rivers State House of Assembly has passed a on soot in the state. This bill should be signed into law to quickly and effectively fight the menace of soot.

šŸ‘‰There should be massive youth advocacy to protect the environment. The youths should agents to provide and propagate clean air quality.

šŸ‘‰The Ministry of Environment has promised to implement the outcome of this Programme into state.

šŸ‘‰The message of this programme should be sent to his Excellency that we appreciate his actions for zero soot and should be sustained in the state.

šŸ‘‰ River State is the first state to domesticate the Climate Change Act in Nigeria.

šŸ‘‰There should be environmental club in all the schools and communities in Rivers State.

šŸ‘‰There should be climate change desk in all the local government Secretariat.

šŸ‘‰We are joining the world in celebrating the Earth Day.

šŸ‘‰We agree to carry along the vulnerable and disables in the Executives.

This training is fully funded by the European Union.

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